Cheaper By the Dozen 2

"Cheaper by the Dozen 2" Review

Written by Cherry

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The Good

Charlie Baker: Tom Welling reprised his role as a very grown up Charlie Baker. I don't think Tom could ever not be sexy. He proved that when covered in grease, he made my heart beat faster. He went from greasy to wet in the very next scene. Mmmm, gotta love it!

The scene between Ann and Charlie in the wine cellar was very well done. I was convinced these two knew each other as children and didn't get along at that time. Charlie's face as he described Ann's ailments was priceless. Tom plays nervous so well. The chemistry between these two was more relaxed and comfortable than sexual even though they are now adults.

The scene where Charlie throws a pitcher of orange juice on his mother was priceless. Charlie was angry and upset that he had embarrassed his mother and said he was sorry several times. His emotion carried through his scene in his interaction with Ann. The fact that Charlie didn't even crack a smile at a situation that was funny said a lot for the character of the man Charlie has become.

Apparently, Tom and Kate Baker's style of parenting was paying off despite what Jimmy Murtaugh thought.

The Baker Clan: Tom's interaction with the Baker family was easy and natural. It appears that Tom is used to a large family. There were scenes where he was in the background and interacting with the younger kids. Very cute.

Charlie grilling: In the scene where Sarah Baker has words with her father, Charlie is grilling hamburgers. Sexy Tom cooking again! He looked adorable in his long shorts and flip flops.

Tom's presence: Tom's presence was very profound in the movie. Many times it wasn't necessary for him to have dialogue, but yet his presence was felt. His expressions were classic as he reacted to the scene being played out. He looked tall and regal as he stood next to Steve Martin in quite a few scenes.

The Competition: Seeing the entire Baker clan support each other was heartwarming. Several times the camera cut to Tom Welling. He was definitely involved in helping with the kids and the first there to cheer them on. Tom falling all over himself in the egg race was a joy to watch in slow motion. The energy stayed high and exciting all the way through to the birth of the newest edition of the Baker family. Charlie helping to carry Nora to the hospital was worth a few rewinds, especially his expression when they get her to the hospital and she lets out a scream. The scene went for frantic chaos to emotional in a beat that seemed natural. All the actors were at the top of their game in the final scene at the hospital.

The Bad

Charlie Baker: Not enough scenes with him!

Full Screen Version: In quite a few scenes with Charlie Baker in it, he was cut off the frame in the formatting to Full Screen. Wide Screen, however, revealed his presence in the scene. I recommend you watch the movie in Wide Screen if you haven't already for all the Tom Welling goodness.

Ann and Charlie: I didn't see the chemistry between these two as any more than just friends. I don't think Charlie would have asked Ann out for a date. They seemed more like brother and sister to me.

I give 'Cheaper By the Dozen 2' 4 out of 5 stars.

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